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Nature and Nurture

In your community since 2008

N and N Lunch Wagon

N and N Foods is a division of Nature and Nurture, providing mobile meals to hungry workers near downtown Calgary on working weekdays.

If you would like the N and N lunch wagon to visit your location, please contact us using the form on this page. We currently have two morning stop times available.

Daily Specials
Monday Donair Subs,Sliders
Tuesday Vern's Pizza, Stuffed Crazy Bread, Asian Appetizers
Wednesday Taco Time burritos, Western Pizza, Dry Ribs
Thursday Little Caesar's Pizza, Craft Perogies, Asian Appetizers
Friday   Arby's sandwiches, Salt & Pepper Chicken or Fish bites

For specific dietary or dish requirements, please contact us using the form to the right (or at the end on mobile). Allow 24 hours notice for special orders.

These are our current offerings for lunch truck service - please note that  all items are subject to availability and prices are subject to change without notice.




Cheese portion

Small chips (28g)

Candy bag

Any item in the “loonie bin”


Pop can

Medium Chips



Packaged candy


Red Rain/Red Rave

Juice can

Coffee/Hot Chocolate/Tea

Tall cans of ice tea/


Large muffin

Home style cookies

Small sausage roll


Juice bottle

Pop bottle

Ice tea bottle


Date square

Butter tarts

Clif bar

Small beef jerky bag



Coconut water

Vitamin water

Aloe Juice
Boiled eggs (3)
House made banana bread
Empanada (each)


Fruit Salad

Veggie cup

Deluxe squares



Small soup

Pasta salad

Red Bull

Pepperoni bread stick

Hot dogs


Monster or Rockstar energy drink

Large Beef jerky


Small cold sandwich

Small breakfast sandwich


Veggie Tray
Large Wor Won Ton
Large soup & roll

Spring rolls


Salad rolls

Green Salad Bowl


Small sub sandwich

Chicken fried rice
Chicken strips


Beef dip

Spicy Chicken sub

Craft Perogies
Club Sandwich (hot, cold or on a croissant)
Salt & Pepper Chicken or Fish bites
Dry Ribs


Big breakfast


Donair subs or wraps

Shepherd’s pie

Chinese meal


Text (preferred) or call Nature and Nurture at:


If your concern is not time sensitive use this form to contact us by email.

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